Dosing agent

JNS, consisting of a non-volatile oxygen binding agent. Suitable for food processing industry.

Field of application: Boiler plants.

Effect: Oxygen binding in boiler feed water, influences the conductivity.

Preparation: As 10% solution, with softened water.

Dosage: Approx. 80 ml per gram oxygen (O₂) per m³ make-up water.

Proof: Approx. 5 – 20 mg/l sulphite surplus, observe boiler guidelines (sample water cooler required).

Scope of delivery:

Available in the container sizes 10 and 25 kg.

Order number


8838162JNS, 10 kg container
8838166JNS, 25 kg container


JUDO Sulfite measuring set
Colour comparison kit for the concentration range 0 – 20 mg SO₃/l. Sample water cooler required!
Order number 8742134

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