Legionella protection

JUDO JLS-DUO as a two-component system for stand disinfection based on chlorine dioxide CiO2. Effective removal of microorganisms and biofilms, for drinking and process water up to 30 °C.

Approved as a treatment agent in accordance with german §20 of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

Product benefits:

  • Drinking water hygiene

    with the support of JUDO water experts

  • Efficient

    Effective elimination of microorganisms and biofilms

  • Approved

    as a treatment agent according to § 11 of the Drinking Water Ordinance

  • Long shelf life

    thanks to two-component system

Scope of delivery:

Available in the container sizes 5, 10 and 25 litres.


Approved for stand disinfection according to german DVGW worksheet W 557 and W 551 as a two-component system consisting of one liquid and one solid component, can be stored for 5 years without any problems. After preparation, the solution should be used within 4 weeks.

The chlorine dioxide solution must be activated at least 24 hours before the disinfection measure.
When used in continuous drinking water disinfection, approx. 66 – 130 ml/m³ of treated water is required.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8680001JLS-DUO 5, 5 litre container
8680002JLS-DUO 10, 10 litre container
8680003JLS-DUO 25, 25 litre container


JUDO Peroxide test strips JPTS
For chlorine dioxide determination at high concentrations during stand disinfection, measuring range 0.5 – 25 mg/l, pack of 100 test strips.
Order number 8690035


JUDO Chemicals protective equipment
Consisting of: Face shield, rubber apron (acid and alkali resistant), 1 pair of rubber gloves, KCL 4031 set of warning signs “Chemicals” according to GUV 8.15.
Order number 8510170

JUDO Full face mask without filter
According to DIN EN 136 class 2 – fulfils the BGV-chlorine/chlorine dioxide.
Order number 8340033

JUDO Combination filter for respiratory protection full mask
Filter element as multi-range combined filter A2 B2 E2 K2-P3 with connection according to DIN EN 148-1 – complies with BGV chlorine/chlorine dioxide
Order number 8340034

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