Dosing solution

JKL 50, 3:1 mixture based on isothiazolinone.

Field of application: Open and semi-open cooling circuits, air washers of air conditioning systems.

Effect: Biocide for the rapid destruction of the biological load. Non-oxidising biocide.

Dosage: The quantity used depends on various factors and should therefore be determined in consultation with JUDO. Depending on the degree of soiling of the system, it is approx. 100 – 400 ml/m³, as a shock dosage.

Scope of delivery:

Available in the container sizes 25 and 60 litres.


According to german Annex 31 RAbwVwV, do not carry out desalination for approx. 4 hours after addition.

With proof of effectiveness against legionella according to german DIN 13623 in accordance with german VDI guideline 2047.

Order number


8660010JKL 50, 25 litre container
8660011JKL 50, 60 litre container
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