Inline gap filter

JISP-ATP DN 65 – 200, nominal flow min. / max. 20 – 520 m³/h.

For filtration of water containing solids.

Scope of delivery:

Housing made of stainless steel 1.4541 or GFK with flange connections according to EN 1092-1 or DIN 2501 for untreated and filtered water, connection sleeves for differential pressure measurement, cylindrical edge-gap sieve * made of stainless steel, pneumatic flushing piston with flushing disc, pneumatic flushing valve as intermediate flanged flap (control air required, 6 bar), differential pressure switch (IP65) with switching output, Electronic control unit in plastic housing for differential pressure control with time priority circuit, serial interface for remote monitoring and remote control, LCD display for operation, flushing and fault, input for switching contact differential pressure and switching output flush valve, electrical connection 230 V/50 Hz.


Available filtration sharpness: 150 µm (0.15 mm), 300 µm (0.30 mm) or 500 µm (0.50 mm).

Order number


8315027JISP-ATP DN 65 (Stainless steel housing)
8315028JISP-ATP DN 80 (Stainless steel housing)
8315029JISP-ATP DN 100 (Stainless steel housing)
8315030JISP-ATP DN 150 (Stainless steel housing)
8315031JISP-ATP DN 200 (Stainless steel housing)
8315022JISP-ATP DN 65 (GRP housing)
8315023JISP-ATP DN 80 (GRP housing)
8315024JISP-ATP DN 100 (GRP housing)
8315025JISP-ATP DN 150 (GRP housing)
8315026JISP-ATP DN 200 (GRP housing)


JUDO Compressor for pneumatic version DN 65 – 200
(if external air is not available) Type SC 250.
Order number 8361014

JUDO Retrofit kit brush disc
For automatic backwash filters. Serves for better cleaning of the edge slotted screen or enables functional efficiency at lower volume flows.
Order number 8315040

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