Degassing system

JHAF 400, for heating and cooling water up to 60 °C, operating pressure range 1.5 – 5 bar, circulation volume max. 60 – 400 l/h.

The JUDO HEIFI-AIR-FREE system operates on the principle of dynamic vacuum degassing. Water here is sprayed into a container and the pressure inside is droped to vacuum level. Gases can now no longer stay absorbed and are set free. JUDO HEIFI-AIR-FREE reduces levels of absorbed gas to practically zero.

Product benefits:

  • Cost-saving

    Saves energy, maintenance and repair costs

  • Intelligent

    integrated gas measurement

  • Resource-saving

    ECO mode for energy-saving continuous operation

  • Uncomplicated

    LCD touch display with intuitive user guidance, graphic process display and message history

  • Safety included

    Secure storage of data on EPROM

Scope of delivery:

Pre-mounted compact unit, including all internal hydraulic piping and wiring, maintenance-friendly and consisting of: pre-filter for hot water, stainless steel pipe for vacuum generation with degassing valve, low noise circulation pump, two magnetic valves for shut-off in flow direction, additional connection for optional top up, programmable control unit for fully automatic operation.

Order number


8060087JHAF 400


JUDO Connection set for JUDO HEIFI-AIR-FREE
Consisting of: flexible armoured tubing, connections with nut: Operating pressure up to 10 bar; length 200 cm, for water temperatures up to 110 °C.
Order number 8581010

Consisting of: control unit and magnetic valve, where the unit detects a pressure drop, the system automatically moves to “top up” mode. Top up water is then passed through the degasing system until optimal systems pressure levels are again reached and system returns to “loop degasing” mode.
Order number 8581011

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