Sludge separator with deaeration system

JFS DN 65 – 200, for heating and cooling water from 6 – 110 °C, max. operating pressure 16 bar, nominal flow rate 12 – 130 m³/h.

For the removal anf flushing of magnetite sludge (Fe₂O₃) and integrated optimised deaeration unit, for use in closed heating and cooling loop systems, including magnesium anode for oxygen retention.

Product benefits:

  • Protects

    from magnetite sludge, with hydrodynamically optimised air separation

  •  Highly effective

    the iron sludge is deposited on large high-performance magnets and can be easily removed by rinsing after the magnets have been deactivated

  • Oxygen binding

    through integrated magnesium protective anode, binds off excess oxygen on the spot – without depot effect

  • Resource-saving

    Cleaning is carried out with the unit’s own medium or with external medium via the integrated raw water connection

  • Optional thermal insulation

Scope of delivery:

Welded steel container (PN 16) with flange connection and supports, 1 set of high power magnets, magnesium anode, deaeration unit (operational to max. 10 bar).


To ensure a correct cleaning,a shut off valve should be installed after the unit where flushing with system’s water and at unit entry and exit where flushing with raw water via the integrated external connection. In that case a pipe separator ist also required in the raw water supply line. We recommend here our filling unit JUDO HEIFI-FÜL PLUS with integrated type BA pipe separator (order number 8060080). A bypass may also be required for ongoing operation.


An X-ray inspection or test certificates are available at extra cost.

Order number


8055050JFS DN 65
8055051JFS DN 80
8055052JFS DN 100
8055053JFS DN 125
8055054JFS DN 150
8055055JFS DN 200


JUDO Magnesium anode
Order number 2050315


JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 65
Order number 8057501

JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 80
Order number 8057502

JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 100
Order number 8057503

JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 125
Order number 8057504

JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 150
Order number 8057505

JUDO Insulation
For model JFS DN 200
Order number 8057506

CAD-Datei 8055050 JFS DN 65
Last updated: 30.07.2020
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