Nitrate reduction unit (volume controlled)

JDN 1 – 3 WZ-E Nitrate reduction plant, for drinking and process water up to 30 °C, operating pressure range 3 – 6 bar, flow rate for short periods max. 1.4 – 2.9 m³/h.

Reliably removes nitrate from clear, iron- and manganese-free drinking and process water. The mode of action is based on an ion exchange of nitrate against chloride.

Product benefits:

  • Single de-nitrating unit

  • Uncomplicated

    Regeneration controlled by water meter

  • Individual

    time-shifted regeneration programmable

  • Compact design

    due to cabinet tank (model JDN 2 – 3 WZ-E)

  • Free water analysis

    Free analyses as the basis for optimum water treatment

Scope of delivery:

An ion exchange resin tank made of glass fibre reinforced polyester with plastic nozzles, central control valve for automatic quantity-dependent controlled regeneration, turbine water meter to determine the time of regeneration, filter filling made of nitrate-specific, high-quality ion exchange resin, salt dissolving and storage tank with lid made of impact-resistant plastic, intermediate bottom, brine valve, suction line, plug-in power supply unit 230 V/50 Hz

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Order number


8400015JDN 1 WZ-E
8400016JDN 2 WZ-E
8400017JDN 3 WZ-E


JUDO Regenerating salt
According to EN 973 in tablet form à 25 kg.
Order number 8839101


JUDO Nitrate test sticks
For the determination of the nitrate content in water (package content 100 pieces).
Order number 8690048


JUDO Fault message JSMP-U 3
For JUDO JUDOMAT single softening plants JM 2 – 4 Z-E and JM 2 – 6 WZ-E as well as JUDO DENITRATOR 1 – 3 WZ-E.
Order number 8395045

JUDO Salt deficiency indicator JSMA
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz.
Order number 8395049

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