Ultrapure water system

CONTIPURE 250 – 1500, diluate capacity max. 250 – 1,500 l/h.

For continuous water treatment in ultrapure water quality.

Product (diluate) with typical conductivity < 0.2 µS/cm.

Scope of delivery:

Ready-to-operate prefabricated complete unit, consisting of a reverse osmosis plant and an electric desalination unit in an open frame, internally hydraulically piped and electrically wired.

Reverse osmosis unit consisting of: Cartridge filter, automatic raw water valve, high pressure pump, low pressure polyamide winding module, flow rate indicator for pure water, conductivity indicator, automatic concentrate displacement.
Electric desalination unit consisting of: Electro-desalination cell with chambers, packed with high-performance ion exchange resin, limited by selective exchange membrane, special electrodes, concentrate control valve, DC voltage source, cell rinsing device, automatic monitoring of all important operating parameters such as conductivity, flow, working voltage, electrical control of the complete JUDO CONTIPURE unit.


Other capacities and larger units on request.

Expert advice required!

Order number


8540030CONTIPURE 250
8540031CONTIPURE 800
8540032CONTIPURE 1500