JUDO JAV 1" – 2"

Blending fittings

Blending fittings are automatically operating mixing valves for drinking water softening plants.

They replace the by-pass line (bypass) which has been customary up to now and has to be installed as a ready-to-connect valve in the inlet and outlet of the softeners.

Independent of the withdrawal quantity and pressure fluctuations, the blending fitting automatically keeps the residual hardness of the mixed water constant once it has been set. The residual hardness in the mixing water is only adjusted once during installation. If the hardness of the raw water changes significantly, e.g. because a different type of water is supplied by the waterworks, the blending armature must of course also be readjusted when the softening system is reset.

Scope of delivery:

The body of the blending fitting is made of the particularly corrosion-resistant material gunmetal according to german DIN 1705. All other individual parts are made of brass, plastic and stainless steel, the soft material seal is made of a special perbunan mixture.

Order number


8735101JAV 1"
8735202JAV 1¼"
8735178JAV 1½"
8735102JAV 2"
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