JUDO Bioquell®-Clear 75 - 250

House water purifier

JUDO Bioquell®-Clear, House water purifier

Stable plastic housing, Proven quality, Automatic and manual backwash, Very reliable

Product benefits:

  • High flow rate

    Point of Entry system

  • High grade activated carbon

  • Removes offending odours and tastes

  • KDF

    Effective against chlorine, sulphides, dissolved heavy metals and micro-organism

  • Automatic, time controlled backwash (adjustable)

Scope of delivery:

Filter container in fibreglass-reinforced polyester filled with high-grade acitvated carbon, upper and lower injectors and tubing filled with KDF and robust and well-formed casing. Electronic controls with foil display for operation, backwash, status report and manual backwash start-up. Removable covers for ease of maintenance (Bioquell®-Clear 150/250).


* For hygienic reasons, the activated carbon should be replaced every 6 months.

Order number


8200385Bioquell®-Clear 75
8200386Bioquell®-Clear 120
8200387Bioquell®-Clear 150
8200388Bioquell®-Clear 250


Bypass valve for installation between pipe connector and Bioquell® SOFT / CLEAR
Order number 2202015


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