Automatic circuit desalination

JKAA-MV for automatic monitoring of the circuit water quality and desalination when a preset conductivity setpoint is reached in open cooling and air washer systems, for water up to 35 °C, operating pressure range 0 – 10 bar.

Scope of delivery:

Desalination control based on microprocessor, conductivity meter with measuring cell, adjusting ball valve, spring-return desalination motor valve, biocide dosing control with locking device (see accessories), internal PVC connecting line incl. internal electrical wiring, completely pre-mounted on PVC mounting plate.


JUDO additional plug-in card potential-free for biocide shock dosing with subsequent locking of desalination according to german Annex 31 RAbwVwV (approx. 3 – 6 hours) and processing of an external stop signal.

Order number




JUDO Additional plug-in card potential-free
For function extension of the control with two potential-free relay outputs (change-over contact) as well as a digital input for external potential-free contact.
Order number 8460020

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