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JUDO i-soft SAFE+ and i-soft

Intelligent water management with a new look, more safety thanks to innovative leakage protection.

Unique in the world: Perfect Water is exclusively available from JUDO. And the technology behind it is just as exclusive: the intelligent water management of the JUDO i-soft softeners. This makes your Perfect Water come true: Specify your perfect water using different scenes and the system adapts fully automatically. Whenever you want, at any time of the day or night. Fluctuations in the quality of the incoming water are fully automatically compensated by the softeners. This is how the intelligent water management works: the i-guard sensor monitors the water quality supplied by the waterworks and forwards the measured data to the i-matic control unit, which automatically adjusts system settings and ensures the desired water quality. All this happens fully automatically, without any inaccuracies due to manual measurements or blanket presettings and assumptions.

The advantage: i-soft softeners automatically compensate for hardness fluctuations in the city water and ensures a constant Perfect Water quality. At the same time, only exactly as much regeneration agent and rinsing water is used as the incoming, measured water actually requires.

Advantages at a glance:

Elegant design with clear operation

Protects installations and appliances from limescale

Unique with intelligent water management

24 h Perfect Water: i-guard sensor measures incoming water quality, i-matic blending unit automatically adjusts for hardness fluctuations

Parallel softening columns for uninterrupted operation

Perfect Water scenes

Particularly economical: minimized consumption of regenerant and water

Soft-touch operation via capacitive keyboard *

Worldwide remote control: via smartphone and tablet with the JU-Control app ** or via web interface

Voice control: via Alexa

Maximum safety: integrated leakage protection with micro-leakage detection *

Leakage warning (i-soft )

Patented safety module: Activation of the i-soft protection programme when the power supply is interrupted *

Easy commissioning: intuitive and simple

Best quality


* i-soft SAFE+

** iOS and Android version available free of charge

Perfect Water comes true. With the softening systems i-soft and i-soft SAFE+. The touch of a finger is enough.

Perfect Water round the clock. I-soft and i-soft SAFE + compensate for fluctuations in the quality of the incoming water fully automatically.

Smart Perfect Water: You have the choice between control via JU-Control app or Alexa.


Proven process round the clock: i-soft and i-soft SAFE+ softeners are double units with softening columns operating in parallel. This operating mode is characteristic of systems in the premium segment and offers numerous advantages in terms of comfort, hygiene and economy. The most important: soft water without interruption, round the clock, even with large withdrawal quantities


Thanks to precise, demand-oriented regeneration cycles, i-soft and i-soft SAFE+ systems consume a minimum of salt and water. Resin’s capacity is fully utilised. A regeneration lasts just ten minutes; during this time, soft water is still available.


As innovative as our products are - one thing is always the same and absolutely predictable: the highest quality. In terms of the components used, in production and as a benchmark for the final inspection. With the softeners of the JUDO PREMIUM LINE, we lay the foundation for special reliability and durability.

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Comfort and safety fully automatic

i-soft und i-soft SAFE+

The new JUDO water softeners offer the right water for every requirement.

New lance technology for even more flexible installation options and more convenient maintenance, also suitable for tighter room situations.

Intelligent communication with intuitive ease of use from simple commissioning to remote control via JU-Control app, web browser or ALEXA voice control: owners can change the desired water quality from anywhere and at any time, depending on their needs and preferences.

Important functions such as leakage protection settings with micro-leakage detection can be controlled in an instant. Information is available in an instant.

Suitable for 1 - 2 bathrooms
Suitable for 1 residential unit
Nominal flow rate according to DIN EN 14743 and pressure loss 1 bar 1,9 m³/h,

Short time max. flow rate 3,5 m³/h
Salt storage tank 50 kg

For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure min. 2 bar / max. 7 bar


A good swap! i-soft and i-soft SAFE+ softening systems work according to the ion exchange process: the systems contain a high-performance resin on the surface of which sodium ions are located. Hardness-forming calcium and magnesium ions in the water displace sodium ions and bind to the resin. The water is softened.


the name is program.

Control your network-compatible JUDO devices whenever and wherever you want. Find out about all important operating states and retrieve relevant data. Read messages from your devices about important events - as a push message, email or SMS.

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Ob eine Anlage oder mehrere – Sie brauchen nur eine App.

MyWater via app or voice control

The i-soft and i-soft SAFE+ soft eners can be controlled not only with the JU-Control app, but the units are also Alexa compatible. With it you can, for example, simply set MyWater scene with your voice, open and close the leakage protection or query important data by voice command. A simple “Alexa, tell JUDO to choose MyWater washing scene” or “Alexa, ask JUDO about the salt level” is suffi cient to set the desired water hardness on the device or to receive the requested information about the salt level from Alexa.

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