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More quality of life with purified water.

The PURE@TAP drinking water system provides peace‐of‐mind so that you and your family can enjoy clean filtered water for all your drinking and cooking needs. Simultaneously using the system will eliminate the need to purchase, carry, store and recycle plastic water bottles; thus reducing the impact on environmental and save you money.
The PURE@TAP drinking water system provides a higher quality and more reliable source of clean filtered water compared to pour‐through pitchers or faucet filters.


Filtration without chemical additives

Noticeably improving the taste

Eliminates unpleasing odour

Removes harmful materials, bacteria and germs up to 99,99 %

The minerals are maintained in the water

Easy installation under sink

Filter replacement only every 4 - 6 months *

Space saving design

Optional overflow attachment

* depends on water quality and flow rate

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