A look into the past:

Several JUDO products celebrate round jubilee in 2022

JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH from Winnenden can celebrate four anniversaries this year: In 1952 – 70 years ago – the well-known JUDO “inoculating bee”, the world’s first fine dosing apparatus, revolutionized the industry.
In 1962, the company offered its customers another world first with the protective filter. Then, 10 years ago, the alternative limescale protection JUDO i-balance came onto the market, and a decade earlier the backwash protection filters of the LongLife class with their ceramic flush valve went into series production. These four products are just the tip of the iceberg as far as the JUDO range is concerned – with well over 100 patents, the company writes Swabian inventiveness and the best quality made in Germany on its banner for good reason.

The inoculating bee, the world’s first protective filter, the alternative limescale protection JUDO i-balance and the backwash protective filter of the LongLife class: no less than four of the countless JUDO products with technology freshly patented at the time are celebrating round birthdays this year. A success story not only for the products and the innovative technology behind them, but also for the company itself. Since its founding in 1936, JUDO has focused on the goal of optimally treating water for a wide variety of requirements using innovative and sustainable processes. The portfolio includes solutions for filtration, softening, drinking water hygiene, mineral dosing, desalination and heating protection. In addition to the proven portfolio, JUDO offers adapted plant technology for almost every application, which consists of familiar JUDO elements, but with knowledge and expertise becomes a new, individual overall solution for the industry partner. The responsible use of resources and the protection of the environment are in the foreground in all company divisions.

70 years after the invention of the inoculating bee, JUDO has now taken another step towards the future with the introduction of the new i-soft PRO softener. The softener not only independently provides soft desired water, but also combines intuitive operation, functionality and design in one device. The effortless interaction between user and softener, the leakage protection with micro leakage detection, the MSID-Mega Status Indication Display with Wake-Up Sensor, the independent adjustment to consumption habits as well as the high economic efficiency in terms of regenerant, water and energy consumption are just some of the numerous advantages.

1952: JUDO makes a name for itself with the JUDO “inoculating bee

A real milestone is the invention of the so-called “inoculating bee”: With the world’s first fine dosing apparatus, JUDO achieves a breakthrough 70 years ago. For the first time, the system enables proportional dosing without over- or under-concentration.

1962: The world’s first protective filter goes into series production.

In this year, JUDO brings new momentum to the SHK market with the world’s first protective filter. The innovative filter prevents foreign particles, such as the smallest rust, dirt and sand particles, from entering the domestic water installation unhindered via the water inlet of the building. In 1962, such filters were still completely unknown. The fact that they are now standard and even required by DIN 1988 can therefore be traced back to this JUDO invention.

2002: Backwash protection filters of the LongLife class

JUDO JUKO-LONGLIFE ¾” – 2″ Domestic water filtration station
In 2002, JUDO offered for the first time the backwash protective filter with patented ceramic flush valve of the “LongLife Class”. This valve is still used today in some JUDO filter systems. JUDO had already launched the first backwash protective filter JRSF in 1975.

2012: JUDO i-balance stabilizes limescale with natural processes

In addition to softening, JUDO offered the alternative softening system i-balance in 2012. A good 20 years earlier, JUDO had already presented the alternative limescale protection to its customers for the first time with the Biostat. The special feature of this process: The lime remains in the water, but binds to small crystals and thus no longer settles on the surfaces. All this happens without the addition of chemicals.

2022: The JUDO softening innovation

In 2022, JUDO presented the fully automatic i-soft PRO softening plant with micro-leakage protection system and app control – another important step towards the future. The new softening plant supplies desired water for one to five residential units. Compact, as a floor-standing system, with specially developed user experience (UX) and extended intelligent functions. In total, the user can choose from eight preset WunschWasser scenes. If required, the i-soft PRO can easily be expanded and custom scenes can be created. The particularly simple and intuitive user interface makes operating the softener a positive experience. For example, when the user enters the room, the MSID-Mega Status Indication Display with Wake-Up Sensor on the front of the unit automatically switches on. It independently displays the operating status, warning and fault messages, a water flow rate, and the currently measured salt level as the user approaches.


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