Stabilizing lime scale with natural processes

Low lime water for building services

To prevent lime scale dissolved in water from precipitating out and possibly causing contamination and damage, JUDO has the alternative lime scale protection devices of the i-balance series, complete with leakage protection, in its product range. With the expansion of the i-balance series, i-balance 50 and i-balance 75, the water treatment expert, who has also had experience with chemical-free softening for over 30 years, now also offers naturally treated water for buildings with several residential units. The fully automatic units supply so water of purest origin without any additives. A major advantage over conventional systems: The JUDO units operate in a resource-saving manner; mains heating or resin replacement are not required.

Lime is found dissolved as calcium and hydrogen carbonate ions in drinking water. To prevent lime from accumulating in pipes and water heaters, JUDO offers another, extremely natural treatment process as an alternative to standard softening. The special feature of this process: The lime remains in the water, but is bundled into small crystals and thus no longer settles out on the surfaces – and all without the addition of chemical substances. For this purpose, an electrolytically operating crystal generator forms microscopically small seed crystals from the water. Excess lime is deposited preferentially on these crystals. In the next step, the crystals are selected in a special selection process so that only optimally sized crystals enter the domestic water installation. In the final step, the crystal generator cleans and rinses itself automatically. The system thus stabilizes the hardness components in the water in an intelligent and at the same time resource-saving and natural way.

In addition to the proven i-balance system, JUDO now also has two models in its portfolio: i-balance 50 and i-balance 75. They provide highly effective limes cale protection for buildings with up to 20 residential units.

JUDO i-balance vollautomatischer Kalkschutz


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