JUDO launches new microleakage protection systems on the market

Next generation leakage protection

Water damage occurs without warning. Therefore, it is particularly important to adequately protect the house or apartment. JUDO’s leakage protection systems provide optimum protection against this. In addition to the new ZEWA i-SAFE and ZEWA micro leakage protection systems, JUDO is also offering for the first time a multifunctional product consisting of a micro leakage protection system and a domestic water station: ZEWA i-SAFE FILT. This combines the advantages of both product classes with hygiene and safety in one overall solution.

The new ZEWA i-SAFE leakage protection system features micro-leakage detection and thus detects even minimal water losses. It detects leaks and creeping water losses and reliably stops the water flow. In addition, the leakage protection system also scores with adjustable limit values that can be fully adapted to the user’s habits and personal consumption. The novelty has programmable opening and closing times to adapt to periods with different requirements. This makes the device suitable not only for single-family homes, but also for medical practices, kindergartens and commercial properties, for example. It also scores with a LAN connection and can be controlled via app, web browser or – if the requirements are met – by voice command. The system provides information and issues operating and warning messages – as a push message, e-mail or SMS. In addition, the colour display shows the operating status of the system at a glance. Optional connection to the WLAN home network is possible with commercially available hardware. Another special feature is the three-stage vacation mode, which is automatically activated after 72 hours without water withdrawal. In terms of sustainable design, the high-quality EPP housing, thermal and acoustic insulation, and recyclability stand out in particular. In summary, the new micro leakage protection system saves money and water and provides safety – always adapted to personal habits. The ZEWA microleakage protection system has the same performance features only without app connection, programmable opening and closing times and voice control.

JUDO complements the two pure micro leakage protection solutions with an innovative multifunctional product: ZEWA i-SAFE FILT. For the first time, it combines a leakage protection system including micro leakage detection with a domestic water station. Users can thus look forward to all the advantages of the ZEWA i-SAFE micro leakage protection system. Added to this are the features of the JUDO domestic water station. You benefit from safe and reliable protection against dirt ingress. In addition, thanks to the innovative backwash technology, no expensive and time-consuming filter cartridge replacement is necessary with the domestic water station. The water supply is not interrupted during backwashing and water consumption remains low thanks to the short backwashing time. The domestic water station protects and regulates with the integrated pressure reducer. The overall solution thus ensures hygiene and safety.

The ZEWA micro leakage protection system reliably protects against the consequences of tap water damage and detects gradual water losses.
The new ZEWA i-SAFE leakage protection system features micro leakage detection and thus detects even minimal water losses. It is controlled via the display on the device as well as via app, web browser or voice control.
With the ZEWA i-SAFE FILT, JUDO offers an innovative multifunctional product in its portfolio. It combines a leakage protection system including micro leakage detection with a domestic water station.

The micro leakage protection systems show the operating status (white), a warning message (yellow) and fault messages (red) via the display.

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