JUDO awarded as “Employer of the Future”

Innovative, relevant & sustainable

The German Innovation Institute for sustainability and digitalisation (DIND) confirms JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH’s future viability and attractiveness as an employer. The seal highlights both the company’s innovative strength and its commitment to sustainability.

The transformation of the labour market and the competition for qualified skilled workers go hand in hand. In order to attract the attention of employees, it is more important than ever to create incentives. JUDO sees these challenges as an opportunity and scores not only with a crisis-proof workplace.

With innovation and sustainability to digitalisation

When it comes to innovation, the water treatment company is not easily outdone: The inventive spirit is not only reflected in the development of the world’s first fine dosing device, the “vaccination bee”, or the first backwashable protective filter. The company is currently setting standards with the brand new SMART GENERATION K, a softener series with state-of-the-art user experience. With well over 100 patents, JUDO continues to shape the industry today – and is increasingly focusing on sustainability.

Production in Germany and short transport routes keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible. Environmentally friendly products for alternative limescale protection and optimisations in the use of the valuable resource water contribute to this just as much as the progressive digitalisation of various company processes. From development to production or equipment control – every aspect is based on state-of-the-art technology.


For employees, the company offers flexible working time models and a secure workplace. The final decision for or against an employer also depends on the external perception of the company and the “meaning of work”. At this point, JUDO hardly needs any convincing – after all, the preservation of water quality and hygienic drinking water treatment is more explosive than ever before.

With the DIND seal, JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH once again underlines its relevance for the market – as an employer of the future.

More on the topic of certifications: JUDO as “Germany’s Green Innovation Leader (LINK: https://judo.eu/en/presse/judo-honored-as-germanys-green-innovation-leader/


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