Special recognition

The F.A.Z.-Institute for Management, Market and Media Information has awarded JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH the certificate “Deutschlands grüner Innovationsführer”. The family-owned company from Winnenden was able to convince with its numerous patents and the sustainability concept that characterizes the company.

A total of 3,766 innovative companies from around the world were examined in the study – only 475 of which met the criteria. JUDO is one of the winners and thus belongs to the top group of innovative green companies from Germany. “We are very pleased with the award and proud to be among the best green innovation leaders,” emphasizes the JUDO management. For the study “Deutschlands grüner Innovationsführer”, Prognos analyzed innovation leadership for green and sustainable innovations on behalf of the F.A.Z. Institute. Here, not only the number of patents was evaluated, but also their relevance.

Well over 100 patents: The JUDO inventive spirit
Shortly after the company was founded in 1936, founder Julius Dopslaff registered his first patents. Today, JUDO can look back on numerous inventions that have had a decisive impact on water treatment. Among other things, the company developed the “inoculating bee” in 1952, the world’s first fine dosing device. Ten years later came the first protective filter, followed in 1975 by the backwashable protective filter – an innovation that continues to define the industry to this day. With the market launch of the first fully automatic water softener in 2009, JUDO once again set standards on the international market. Last year, the company heralded the future of JUDO softening with the expansion of its i-soft series, the intelligent i-soft PRO softening system. The water treatment specialist is thus demonstrating precisely the innovative capacity that the F.A.Z. Institute is looking for.

JUDO makes a contribution with resource-saving technology
Thanks to its corporate philosophy, JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH from Winnenden has a wide variety of products and complete solutions in its portfolio that support and drive sustainability and environmental thinking. JUDO’s goal is to treat water with innovative and sustainable processes. The responsible use of resources and the protection of the environment play an important role in all areas of the company. Since access is limited, it becomes all the more important to use the resources that are available wisely and to save them in the best possible way.

JUDO’s sustainable water treatment solutions preserve the value of drinking water installations and technical equipment such as heating or cooling systems, as well as household appliances such as the dishwasher or coffee machine. By investing in a softening system, for example, hidden costs can be saved in the long term. This means that the system pays for itself and at the same time the user can enjoy the benefits of soft water to the full with a clear conscience. Particularly in the field of industrial and building technology, where a lot of water is naturally used, consumption can be significantly reduced with the appropriate technology. JUDO offers its customers a versatile product portfolio with solutions for the economical treatment of cooling, heating, ultrapure or other process water. In the field of micro-leakage protection, JUDO also offers several products that efficiently protect and save resources.


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