Magnetite filter

JMFI ¾” – 1½” and JMFI mini ¾”, for water up to 90 °C, max. operating pressure 6 bar, nominal flow rate 0.8 – 4.0 m³/h

Separates magnetic and non-magnetic particles. Effective protection with magnetic effect.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally and vertically running pipes possible (model JMFI ¾” – 1½”).

Product benefits:

  • Protects

    by centrifugal separation with flow-optimised filter insert, magnetic effect and air and micro-bubble separation (model JMFI)

  •  Reliably removes

    magnetic and non-magnetic dirt particles

  • Conserves resources

    Optimised filter insert for low rinsing water consumption

  • Magnet function

    With high-performance magnets

  • No follow-up costs*

  • Intelligent

    Reminds you to flush via app (JMFI ¾” – 1¼”)

  • Practical

    Without clogging and with constant low differential pressure (model JMFI)

Scope of delivery:

Model JMFI

Casing in high grade, heat-resistant PVC with insulation material in EPP, specialised flow controller for the efficient removal of particles using centrifugal force, sedimentation section for the intermediate storage of particles removed. Efficient removal of magnetite particles is enhanced using high power magnets, ball valve for clearing of sediment chamber incl. cover cap. For safety reasons, ball valve can only be activated using external handle, brass aeration vent, brass pipe connector with patented bayonet connector.

Model JMFI mini

Inlet ball valve and housing made of high quality, hot water resistant and nickel-plated brass, stainless steel filter insert. Magnetite separation is enhanced by pull-out insert with high performance neodymium magnets, drain ball valve made of nickel-plated brass for draining the sedimentation chamber.


Protects the boiler from both magnetic and non-magnetic particles.

*except for rinse water

Order number


8060095JMFI mini ¾"
8060098JMFI ¾"
8060099JMFI 1"
8060101JMFI 1¼"
8060102JMFI 1½"
Art-Nr 1702868 MAFI Magnetfilter
Last updated: 01.01.2023
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