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The power of gemstones in crystal clear water: In the devices in the JU-WEL product family, drinking water flows around selected, naturally energized gemstones. The characteristic energy of the stones is transferred to the water – it becomes “jeweled”. You can experience this power every day: as an invigorating drink, while showering, bathing, cooking …

Water is life.

“Jewelled” water is life energy

Amethyst = vitality

  • Improves for more well-being
  • Supports detoxification and purification
  • Strengthens the general state of being.
  • Good against stress, restlessness and insomnia

Rock crystal = clarity

  • Has an emotionally refreshing and strengthening effect
  • Improves relationships
  • Promotes hidden skills
  • Strengthens self-healing powers
  • Clarifies the atmosphere of the room

Rose quartz = harmony

  • Promotes a harmonious life together
  • Increases empathy
  • Makes you open-minded and helpful
  • Improves the ability to love and the strengh of the heart

“Jewelled” water is richer in energy.

And even more beautiful.

Crystal analysis* shows that drinking water that has passed through a JU-WEL device has similar structures to spring water.

* prepared by Hagalis, laboratory for crystal analysis and quality assessment of drinking water

City water (neutral sample) magnified 400 times
Crystal image magnified 400 times with JU-WEL

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