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Trust the Germ Protection Class.

JUDO's backwash protective filters protect water pipes, taps and connected appliances effectively and cost-efficiently. In JUDO filters, the water flows outside to inside through the sieve. As a result, coarse and fine-grained impurities are visibly retained. The special advantage: the sieve does not need to be replaced, but is cleaned in the blink of an eye during backwashing. This is done with the so-called point-rotation system. The filter insert is backwashed point by point with filtered water in a particularly hygienic way without interrupting the water supply. The condition of the sieve insert can be checked at any time from the outside through a sight glass.



Domestic water station with integrated microleakage protection system

The new PROM-i-SAFE is the ideal combination of a JUDO QC class domestic water station and a microleakage protection system - with all the product features that make filtration effective, convenient and safe. With all our expertise in the field of protective filters, with the highest standards of quality and durability - and with unique advantages for the installer during installation and maintenance.

Backwash with maximum power

The filter screen is cleaned point by point by several rotating jet nozzles.

The advantages of the QC filters

User-friendly new design: optimised readability due to inclined manometer and temperature display

Unique Germ Protection Class: incomparable thorough backwash due to the point-rotation system and thus best purity and hygiene

Maximum power: easy filter sieve backwashing with the concentrated power of a water jet

Long-lasting, hygienic and cost-saving: no need for expensive filter sieve change

Clean: reliable and safe protection against dirt entry

Convenient installation: either in horizontal or vertical pipes, with the built-in rotary flange JUDO-QUICKSET- E (¾"-2")

Installed in a flash: the single-screw technology with a concealed screw (¾"-1¼")

Unique in its class: available in sizes ¾" up to DN 200

Optional: leakage protection JUDO ECO-SAFE can be integrated

Best quality

Call function: If the owner scans the QR code on the protective filter housing with the JU-Control App, he receives a reminder on his smartphone for each upcoming backwash

DVGW's quality tests focus on safety, hygiene and environmental protection.
With a DVGW certification, product manufacturers document that the "generally recognised rules of technology" are complied with.

Installation speed record! In just 10 seconds, QC filters are mounted on the JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange: The filters convince with a revolutionary connection technology that requires only one screw (¾" - 1¼") which can be conveniently tighten from the housing front.

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Take precautions

The ECO-SAFE is the ideal complement to the JUDO PROFI and PROMI backwash protection filters and domestic water stations (¾" to 1¼"). It electronically monitors the water supply 24 hours a day. In the event of a pipe burst, the device shuts off the water flow and prevents expensive damages. In addition, it also detects leaking taps and creeping water losses.

Prevent damage

Did you know?: in Germany alone, tap water damages amount to over 1.5 billion euros annually. The costs of unnoticed water loss due to leaking taps must be added to that.
Insurance experts advise: The water installation in the house should be protected. With the JUDO ECO-SAFE, you are always on the safe side.

Quick and easy installation

ECO-SAFE is simply installed between JQE rotary flange and PROFI-QC, PROFIMAT-QC or PROMI-QC in nominal sizes ¾" - 1¼". With the patented JUDO QUICKSET-E built-in rotary flange, this can be done in no time at all.


the name is program.

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