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Multifunctional product PROM-i-SAFE

The JUDO novelty PROM-i-SAFE is an innovative multifunctional product consisting of a domestic water station with an integrated micro leakage protection system. The overall solution thus ensures optimally filtered water and the best protection against dirt ingress, as well as reliable leakage protection – even with the smallest amounts of water.

The JUDO innovation offers the best protection against dirt ingress and elevated pressures, as it simultaneously protects against the consequences of leaks and detects creeping or sudden water losses. The solution scores with the advantages of both product classes. In the backwash protection filters of the germ protection class, the screen is not replaced every six months but it is cleaned with filtered water. Here, nozzle jet tubes vacuum the screen surface point by point with filtered water. At the same time, they clean the inspection glass. In the blink of an eye, without interrupting the water supply, without touching water-bearing parts and without mountains of waste from used filter elements and packaging. Dirt stands out clearly in the stainless steel mesh strainer insert and can be removed optimally. This is unrivalled in its thoroughness – and particularly hygienic. The domestic water station also protects and regulates with the integrated pressure reducer.

Thanks to the integration of the micro leakage protection system, the complete solution also detects leaks and creeping water losses and reliably stops the flow of water. It also has adjustable limits that can be entirely adapted to the user’s habits and personal consumption. The novelty has programmable opening and closing times to adapt to periods with different requirements. This makes the system suitable not only for single-family homes, but also for medical practices, kindergartens and commercial properties, for example. It also scores with a LAN connection and can be controlled via app, web browser or the matching Alexa device by voice command. The system independently informs the user about the operating status via operating and warning messages, which are sent to the user as a push message, e-mail or SMS.

Another plus point is the three-stage vacation mode, which activates automatically after 72 hours without withdrawal of water. The overall solution thus ensures optimum hygiene and safety.

The PROM-i-SAFE innovation is the ideal combination of JUDO QC-class domestic water station and micro-leakage protection system.

With the “Certified Manufacturer – Quality, Safety, Service” award, the ZVSHK uses a transparent procedure to distinguish manufacturers that provide the best possible support for the operational processes of the Sanitary and HVAC specialist company.




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