Expansion of the SMART GENERATION K

More individuality: The new i-soft K and SOFTwell KS water softeners

Earlier this year, JUDO has expanded the SMART GENERATION K with two product highlights. The new floor-standing softeners i-soft K and SOFTwell KS convince with the proven ion exchange principle and a compact, space-saving design. They can be set up easily even where space is limited and provide soft water for every occasion.

Winnenden, February 2024 – The fully automatic softener i-soft K provides the softest MyWater without hardness fluctuations 24/7, including a leakage warning. The intelligent water management system recognises fluctuations in hardness and compensates for them autonomously. The water hardness level is not estimated, but measured precisely with the help of the i-guard sensor. The proven dual chamber system in parallel operation ensures uninterrupted soft water flow, moreover the system impresses with its user-friendly functionality. May it be watering flowers, showering or washing laundry: Thanks to user-optimised, customisable MyWater scenes, the system offers the optimum water hardness for all applications.

If you are looking for a compact water softener, the SOFTwell KS is the perfect choice. The softening system in single unit operation provides soft water with a record-breakingly short regeneration time. Thanks to stagnation-free, forced-flow operation with automatic disinfection, the system supplies the purest soft water in the desired hardness level – and thus protects against unwanted limescale deposits. These not only leave unpleasant stains on taps and fittings, but also damage the drinking water installation and can even lead to a burst of pipes.

All functions of both systems can be easily and conveniently controlled via the keypad. The menu structure is clear and self-explanatory. The LCD signal display is particularly practical – and unique to JUDO – and ensures optimum readability: It uses different background colours to show from a distance which operating status the system is currently in. A connectivity module (optional with the SOFTwell KS) also enables worldwide control via app, web browser and API for integration into smart home systems. The soft-close tank cover ensures increased user convenience: This makes refilling the regenerant a breeze. In the proven softening process, the incoming water flows through the ion exchanger. The calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness are replaced by “soft” sodium ions and rinsed out fully automatically. What remains is soft water with the preset hardness.

The modern design turns your water softener into a real eye-catcher – even where space is limited. Thanks to the flexible, space-saving installation with a height of just 69 cm, the units can be installed either under the worktop or on the wall with available accessories.

Bild 1: The fully automatic i-soft K supplies the softest MyWater 24 hours a day without any fluctuations in hardness.

Bild 2: The SOFTwell KS is particularly compact and flexible to set up.


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