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JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH at the IFAT Munich 2024

IFAT Munich, the most important trade fair of the year for JUDO in the field of industrial and building technology, will take place from 13 May to 17 May 2024. Live on site at the JUDO trade fair stand: The particularly compact JOS 65G reverse osmosis system impresses with the highest retention rates, optimum yield and low space requirements. It delivers up to 3,750 litres of demineralised water per hour. With the i-soft@home series, JUDO offers fully automatic softening systems for up to 200 residential units. In addition to the i-soft PRO L for large-format desalinated water, visitors to the trade fair can also look forward to other new products from the SMART GENERATION K.

Winnenden, May 2024 – At the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management, everything revolves around industrial and building technology. From systems for drinking and cooling water treatment to intelligent products for heating and process water, JUDO offers the right solution for every need. Innovative and sustainable processes from JUDO are constantly helping to shape the industry: In the field of water desalination, among others, JUDO shines with decades of expertise. Desalinated water is the basis for laboratory applications, medical technology or steam generation – and plays an essential role in the production of green hydrogen. This is because the electrolyser for hydrogen production must be fed with highly purified process water, known as ultrapure water. After pre-treatment by filtration, softening and reverse osmosis, this water must finally undergo electro-deionisation (EDI). JUDO supplies customised product solutions for all process steps.

The first step in industrial water treatment is filtration. JUDO offers the E-Series Filters for this purpose: The filter containers are equipped with a special filter filling according to the respective requirements. The water flows through the filters from top to bottom, retaining unwanted contaminants in the filter bed. Cleaning is carried out by backwashing in a time or pressure loss-dependent sequence. The systems are supplied ready for operation with all the necessary fittings.

E-Series Filter

From filtration to softening XXL: JUDO has developed single, parallel and triplex softening systems especially for the building services sector, with high peak outputs and relatively small consumption volumes. These elegantly solve the technical contradiction between optimum resin utilisation and comfort requirements and are cost-effective and economical with a small footprint. Thanks to its high flow rate, the i-soft@home, for example, guarantees continuously soft water with optimised salt and water consumption for up to 200 residential units. More convenience is made possible by the optional connectivity.

JUDO i-soft@home 7.5

Also on the JUDO stand in Munich: the particularly compact JOS 65 G-S reverse osmosis unit for demineralisation with the highest retention rates, optimum yield and low space requirements. The 350-kilogram system delivers up to 3,750 litres of treated water per hour. The system is protected against dust and splash water and is particularly space-saving thanks to its compact design. It can be used wherever demineralised water is required and space is limited.

JOS 65 G-S

JUDO will be presenting new products and innovations at IFAT Munich with the SMART GENERATION K. With the new addition to the floor-standing softening systems, the i-soft PRO L, JUDO will also be providing maximum convenience and all the product benefits of the i-soft PRO for large buildings and apartment blocks with up to 10 residential units from the 2nd quarter: the fully automatic softening system not only guarantees soft water 24/7, but also offers a solution in which intuitive operation, functionality and design become one. The system also has an integrated micro-leakage protection system. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and digital networking, this innovation makes facility management easier in larger building complexes.

JUDO i-soft PRO L W

Also new: the i-soft K and SOFTwell KS impress with the proven ion exchange process and a compact, space-saving design. They can be optimally positioned even where space is limited and provide soft water for every occasion. The i-soft K guarantees water of consistent quality 24/7: thanks to the intelligent water management of the i-soft series, the system recognises fluctuations in hardness and automatically compensates for them. The proven parallel operation ensures uninterrupted operation, and the system also impresses with its user-friendly functionality – including a leakage warning. Whether watering flowers, showering or washing laundry: Thanks to user-optimised, customisable MyWater scenes, the system offers the optimum water hardness at all times.

JUDO i-soft K W

Anyone looking for a compact water softener is well catered for with the SOFTwell KS. The softening system in individual operation provides soft water with a record-breakingly short regeneration time. Thanks to stagnation-free, forced-flow operation with automatic sanitisation, the system supplies the purest soft water in the desired hardness – and thus protects against unwanted limescale deposits. These not only leave unsightly stains on fittings, but also damage the drinking water installation and can even lead to pipe infarction.


All functions of both systems can be easily and conveniently controlled via the keypad. The menu structure is clear and self-explanatory. The LCD signal display, which ensures optimum readability, is particularly practical – and only with JUDO: it uses different background colours to show the current operating status of the system. A connectivity module (optional with the SOFTwell KS) also enables worldwide control via app, web browser and API for integration into smart home systems. The soft-close tank cover ensures increased user convenience: this makes refilling the regenerant a breeze. In the proven softening process, the incoming water flows through the ion exchanger. The calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness are replaced by “soft” sodium ions and rinsed out fully automatically. What remains is soft water with the preset hardness. The modern design turns a functional solution into a real eye-catcher – even where space is limited. Thanks to the flexible, space-saving installation with a height of just 69 cm, the units can be installed either under the worktop or on the wall with accessories.

In addition to classic water softening, JUDO offers another treatment process to stabilise water hardness. Although the limescale remains in the water, it binds to small crystals and therefore no longer settles on the surfaces. This process takes place completely naturally, without the addition of chemical substances, with the i-balance 50 and i-balance 75. They also provide highly effective limescale protection for larger residential buildings with up to 20 residential units. An electrolytically operating crystal generator forms microscopically small seed crystals from the water. Excess limescale is preferentially deposited on these crystals. In the next step, the crystals are selected in a special selection process to ensure that only optimally sized crystals enter the domestic water installation. In the final step, the crystal generator cleans and rinses itself automatically. The system thus stabilises the hardness formers in the water in an intelligent and at the same time resource-saving and natural way. A major advantage over conventional systems: JUDO devices work in a resource-saving manner, regular heating or resin replacement are not necessary.

i-balance 75

At IFAT Munich, JUDO will be showcasing many other system solutions for circulation treatment, mineral dosing, demineralisation and more. Come and see for yourself: We look forward to your visit and a stimulating dialogue.

JUDO at IFAT Munich: Hall B2, Stand 238


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