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ISH 2021

JUDO supports the decision for a digital ISH 2021

On Monday, September 21st the Frankfurt Exhibition announced, approximately 6 months before the due start, that the ISH 2021 (22 – 26 March) will be carried out as a purely digital event. JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH, Winnenden support this decision entirely.

The news that Frankfurt Exhibition had taken the decision not to continue with the ISH in its form to date next spring this early was received with great relief by both management and head of sales at JUDO Wasseraufbereitung GmbH.

“Given the current situation, we consider the choice of an ISH 2021 as a virtual platform for business and personal interaction to be a practical solution,” comments Daniel Kloss, Head of Marketing and recently appointed Head of Sales.

This decision now puts a sensible end to the months of discussion on employee and client welfare. “Under current conditions it would have been very difficult to maintain our habitually high standards in ensuring that the trade has the opportunity of directly experiencing our products at an exhibition.”

The time remaining in the run up to the ISH can now be invested in planning new presentation platforms.

In an initial statement, Mr. Hartmut Dopslaff, company CEO, comments, “Entering, together with our marketing team, into a completely new field of product presentation is quite an exciting prospect. The health and safety of our employees and clients is always our foremost priority and we are relieved to hear that the risks posed by covid 19 at an actual exhibition can now be avoided completely.”

“A digital platform, and the new forms of interaction it brings with it, open a new range of opportunities and possibilities.” added Daniel Kloss, “We have been in very close contact with our clients and partners in recent weeks and have been able to form a good picture of their needs and wishes which will be used to form the basis for the development of our ideas for a totally new and innovative presentation of our new products next spring.”

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