Advance notice of the fair

JUDO at the energy saving fair in Wels 2020 (4. – 8. March):

The right water treatment technology for every situation

JUDO is showing an excerpt of its wide range of products at the Energiesparmesse in Wels. A special feature at the JUDO stand in Hall 21, Stand D890 is, among others, the water softening plants of the i-soft series. They ensure a constant, energy and resource-saving degree of hardness of the water, which the owner can set himself – on the device, via app or voice control. Visitors also have the opportunity to find out about innovative solutions for filtration, mineral dosing and heating protection products.

With devices from the i-soft series, owners can set the exact water hardness they want, depending on the situation and requirements. JUDO calls this “WunschWasser”. The soft water reduces energy-consuming deposits in hot water boilers, fresh water stations or circulation heaters. In addition, it protects the water pipes from a pipe infarction and reduces the amount of cleaning required for fittings and tiles. All i-soft models can be adjusted on the device, via the free JU-Control App and via Alexa control. The water quality can be adjusted at any time using a smartphone, tablet or PC – even when on the move. A special feature that only the i-soft devices from JUDO offer: They record the incoming water quality via a sensor and automatically compensate for hardness fluctuations in the raw water supply.

Visitors to the JUDO stand can also take a closer look at the backwashable protection filters of the germ protection class. The advantage: the owner does not have to change the filter sieve, but only backwash it – simply, quickly, without interrupting the water supply and without touching any water-carrying parts. The filters of the germ protection class are particularly thorough. They clean the sieve with the aid of three jet pipes point by point at high pressure – and clean the sight glass at the same time with each backwash. The filters are available in manual or automatic versions.

The i-dos dosing system can also be seen at the trade fair. It stabilises the lime in the water by a special mineral solution or protects against corrosion and brown water. The built-in i-guard sensor monitors the quality of the incoming water, the fully automatic i-matic control system converts the data into the appropriate dosing setting. As a result, exactly the right amount of solution enters the drinking water at all times. Using RFID chip technology, the system automatically recognises the selected mineral solution and the size of the container. The i-dos saves all relevant values of the past six months and outputs them as a PDF document via the USB interface. The system is controlled via the integrated HD touch display or the JU Control App.

JUDO also offers a wide range of products for ÖNORM-compliant heating filling – including the intelligent i-fill plus filling system. This makes the filling of heating systems simple, flexible and safe. The system independently monitors the filling process and ensures that only water of the specified quantity and quality enters the heating system. During heating operation, the i-fill plus monitors the system pressure and refills automatically. The scope of delivery of the system also includes the HEIFI-FÜL PLUS filling fitting with integrated BA type backflow preventer.

JUDO at the energy saving fair in Wels: Hall 21, Stand D890

JUDO i-soft plus fully automatic softening plant: energy saving

With the water softening systems of the i-soft series, owners can set exactly the water hardness they want – according to the situation and requirements. In one word: the water they want.

JUDO PROMI-QUICK CONNECTION Domestic Water Stations JPM-QC: energy saving

The filters of the germ protection class, such as the JUDO PROMI-QC Domestic Water station shown here, clean the strainer point by point with high pressure using three jet pipes.

i-fill plus: energy saving

The JUDO i-fill plus filling system makes the filling of hot water heating systems simple, convenient and safe.

JUDO i-dos dosing pumps i-dos 3: energy saving

Protection of the drinking water installation:The i-dos dosing system stabilises the lime in the water with a special mineral solution or protects against corrosion and brown water.

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