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Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Our responsibility according to the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

We, the Judo, attach the greatest importance to compliance with fundamental human rights standards in our entrepreneurial activities at home and abroad - in our own business operations, as well as with our suppliers. These standards include in particular:

  • The integrity of life and health
  • Protection against slavery, forced and child labor
  • Fair working conditions
  • Environmental obligations to protect human health

In order to meet our corporate and legal responsibilities in our supply chains, we fulfill the reporting and action obligations under the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act of July 21, 2021 via this portal. The Judo will make available for retrieval herein the reports on risk analyses conducted annually as part of the company's internal risk management for a period of seven years and provide information on findings and measures obtained as required.

As part of our risk management, it is of particular importance that we obtain knowledge of human rights and environmental risks in Germany and abroad. The Judo therefore offers employees, suppliers and external third parties the opportunity to report violations of fundamental human rights standards - completely anonymously if they wish - via our whistleblower portal.

This portal also enables direct suppliers of Judo to securely and quickly transmit company information about their own business unit and their own suppliers in order to fully comply with the requirements under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.


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