Why do I have to add something to my softened drinking water? And what?

Softened water cannot cause pipe blockage or pitting corrosion. But, like naturally soft water, it has less power to form protective layers in the pipeline. Such layers protect the pipes from surface corrosion, for example.

On stainless steel and plastic pipes, the absence of this protective coating has no negative effects. But for pipelines made of other materials, the formation of protective layers is important and should be supported.

We achieve this, for example, by adding a minimum amount of mineral solution to the water using a metering pump. The minerals used for dosing, e.g. phosphates, are harmless to health and are required by the drinking water ordinance. Phosphate is a vital element for the human organism and is needed for many bodily functions. It is contained in large quantities in many foods.

Of the daily phosphate intake of humans of approx. 6,000 mg, the intake of approx. 10 mg phosphates from treated drinking water is only a very small part and can therefore be neglected.

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