The efficient degassing system for closed loop heating and cooling systems

The JUDO HEIFI-AIR-FREE works on the principle of dynamic degassing by vacuum. Water is pulverised in a chamber under vacuum, this leads to gases being unable to contain this dissolved state and being set free. This way the JUDO HEIFI-AIR-FREE reduces the amount of dissolved gases to practically zero.

Max. circulation 60 – 400 l/hr.



  • Reduces energy use, maintenance costs and repairs
  • Simple and fast connection even in limited space
  • Integrated gas meter
  • ECO mode for ongoing savings
  • LCD-Touch screen with intuitive user guidance
  • Graphical process representation
  • Notifications history
  • Safe storage of data on EPROM



8060088JHAF 60 3/4"
8060087JHAF 400 3/4"
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