For the filling of heating loops with desalinated water.
A pre-mounted complete system on a robust frame with rollers.

For the desalination of clear, colourless and iron and manganese-free drinking and process water. Version: Pre-mounted system ready for use, complete with internal hydraulics, piping and electronics, coated frame containing: Filter (Filter rating 5 ╬╝m), automatic raw water and rejection valve, low noise rotating pump, manometer for systems and pump operational pressures, polyamide cartridge, permeate flow display, water meter, Systems pressure switch and non-return valve in the permeate line max. pressure governor, low water level indicator, conductivity meter, lockable rollers, electronic controls incl. Conductivity display and operations and error displays. Pipe connections incl. BA pipe separator.

The quality of water used in the heating loop plays a vital role in maintaining the system╩╝s efficiency. The desalination of fill and top-up water is a proven method of reducing the risk of corrossion due to the low conductivity of the water used. JUDO offers a compact R/O unit which can be used from site to site. The unit has a max. capactiy of 100 litres and up to 2400 Litres per day.

The Advantage: The unit operates as a completely closed system. It shuts down as soon as a pre-set counter pressure is reached, a waits in stand-by until it is needeed again. Pre-mounted on a sturdy frame, the system is strong enough to survive the often rough site conditions.



  • Treatment to the highest European standards

    with desalinated water

  • Highly efficient and ready to use

    mobile R/O unit

  • Uncomplicated

    nor regeneration or resin-exchange required

  • Practical

    completely pre-mounted and transport ready



8470049JMHB-RO mini 3/4"
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