The FIMAT, is a CSA certified self-cleaning backwash water filter engineered for the filtration of both coarse and fine grain particulates and physical impurities in water supply systems. With flow rates up to 88 gpm, and a larger screen surface, the FIMAT is well suited for use in domestic water supply, high-rise, agricultural and industrial applications. The FIMAT is available in 1½” and 2″ pipe sizes with manual (M), automatic time actuated (AT) or automatic time and pressure differential actuated (ATP) backwash operation.



  • For cold water applications to a maximum water temperature of 30 °C (86 °F)
  • Max. flow rate 88 gmp (20 mÂł/h)
  • Water pressure between 22 – 145 psi.
  • No cartridge replacement required!
  • Upper housing made of high-grade polymer-based materials;
    bottom housing made of high-grade cast iron coated with Rilsan®.
  • Patented quick-mounting device for easy installation in both horizontal
    and vertical flow direction.
  • Manual (M) backwash by rotating top hand wheel.
  • Backwash process using JUDO’s patented point rotation system without
    interruption to the water supply or filtration process.
  • Equipped with clear sight-glass to monitor degree of dirt build-up and
    view backwash functions.
  • Simultaneous cleaning of the sight-glass during backwash process.
  • Threaded connection to ANSI B1.20.1
  • Filtration through 100 micron stainless steel sieve (also available in 30, 320 and 500 microns).

Additional specifications for AT and ATP Filters:

  • Electronic control system with LED display indicators for operation,
    alarm fault buzzer and manual over-ride button for backwash start-up.
  • Automated backwash generated by a time actuated relay
    (AT, ATP) with available settings 4 hours/8 hours/24 hours/weekly/monthly.
  • Differential pressure control setting adjustable from 0.9 – 9 psi
    (ATP only).
  • 120/24 VAC plug-in transformer (21 VA), 3-prong duplex box
    outlet required.
  • Run backwash flush connection to nearest hub drain using an indirect
  • Equipped with 2 (two) potential-free output dry contact remote transmissions
    for building automation system. Maximum load current 1A;
    Maximum switching voltage 24 V.




8020266JFXL-M 1 1/2"
8020267JFXL-M 2"
8020271JFXL-AT 1 1/2"
8020272JFXL-AT 2"
8020275JFXL-ATP 1 1/2"
8020230JFXL-ATP 2"
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