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Our most valuable resource: drinking water
JUDO's goal is to treat water with innovative and sustainable processes. The responsible use of resources and environment protection play an important role in all company’s divisions.

Long term saving in costs and resources
Our water treatment solutions ensure that the value of drinking water installations and technical equipment, such as heating or cooling systems, as well as household appliances, such as dishwashers or coffee machines, is maintained. By investing in a water softening system, many hidden costs can be saved in the long term. As a result, the system pays for itself and at the same time the user can fully enjoy soft water benefits with a clear conscience for the environment.

Tradition meets innovation
As a Swabian family-own business, values such as reliability, tradition and partnership are particularly important to us.

Far more than 100 patents: The JUDO inventive genius
Julius Dopslaff registered his first patents immediately after the company was founded. Today, we can look back on numerous inventions that have had a decisive impact on the water treatment industry. Despite our successes in the past, we are always looking to the future. It is our aim to constantly advance water treatment with new, modern products and technologies, to create real technical added value and to implement it into practical solutions.

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