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Our locations

Where we are at home.

And with our distribution partners we are represented in over 50 countries around the world.

JUDO Zentrale, Winnenden

Head office

Our headquarters, with the Administration and the Central Repair Department is located in Winnenden near Stuttgart.

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JULIUS DOPSLAFF Campus Winnenden


Just a stone’s throw away from our headquarters is the JULIUS DOPSLAFF Campus, our seminar centre. The building also houses our Customer Service, the Technical Centre and the Baden-Württemberg Sales Office.

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JUDO Produktion, Backnang-Waldrems


Our products are manufactured in Germany – at our central production site in Backnang-Waldrems. Our Development Team has an electronics laboratory, a water-chemical laboratory, numerous test rigs and benches there, which can be converted to the most diverse requirements and measuring methods within a very short time.

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From Winnenden into the world

Our branches.

Branch office Vienna / Austria

Josef-Sandhofer-Straße 15
2000 Stockerau
Phone: 02266 6407811
E-Mail: info@judo-online.at
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Branch office Basel / Switzerland

Industriestraße 15
4410 Liestal
Phone: 061 9064050
E-Mail: info@judo-online.ch
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Branch office Strasbourg / France

76 Rue de la Plaine des Bouchers
67100 Strasbourg
Phone +33 388 659394
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Branch office Brussels / Belgium

Laerbeeklaan 72 A1
10902 Brussels
Phone +32 2460 1288
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Branch office Toronto / Canada

240 Lesmill Road
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M3B 2T5
Telephone: (416) 441-1556 (Toronto)
Toll-Free Canada/USA: (866) 451-5836
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