Deposits of iron sludge (magnetite) that occur in heating and cooling systems can cause system breakdowns
resulting in higher energy consumption and increased maintenance costs.

Magnetic suspended iron sludge is trapped in the system via the use of high-performance magnet rod assemblies.
The sludge is removed by deactivating the magnets and performing a simple wash-down/rinse-out process.
An additional integrated magnesium anode rod ensures that any oxygen in the heat transfer fluid is bound aiding in
the corrosion inhibition process. A simple wash-down/rinse-out process occurs when the magnetic rod is removed
from its protective sleeve.

When the FERROCLEAN is installed directly upstream from the system that you wish to protect (e.g. boiler, heat
exchangers or refrigeration unit) optimal results are achieved.

The FERROCLEAN is environmentally friendly, sustainable design, simple operation and has no moving parts.



  •  For use in heating and cooling systems with a water temperature range
    from 6 °C (43 °F) up to 110 °C (230 °F).
  • Maximum water pressure of 150 psi (1600 kPa).
  • No filter to replace.
  • Accommodates system pipe diameters from 2½” – 8″.
  • Housing made of high-grade welded steel complete with flanged
    connections and floor mounted supports.
  • One (1) integrated automatic air-venting valve to allow removal of harmful gases.
  • One (1) magnesium anode.
  • Installation inline or side stream, dependent on the operation.
  • Equipped with a 25 mm (1″) valve connection for wash-down/ rinse-out discharge and ½” hose-bib threaded valve connection for raw-water makeup and/or optional Wash-down/Rinse-out water supply.
  • Wash-down/Rise-out by way of intrinsic water or by way of integrated raw water.
  • Flanged connections according to ASME/ANSI B16.1.
  • Optional insulation jacket available to provide maximum energy efficiency.



8055070JPS 2 1/2"
8055071JPS 3"
8055072JPS 4"
8055074JPF 6"
8055075JFS 8"
8057501JFS 2 1/2" insulation jacket
8057502JFS 3" insulation jacket
8057503JFS 4" insulation jacket
8057505JFS 6" insulation jacket
8057506JFS 8" insulation jacket
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