one app, many possibilities

Control your network-compatible JUDO devices whenever and wherever you want. Find out about all important operating states and get relevant data. Read messages from your devices about important events – as push notification, E-mail or SMS.


the name says it all

The JU-Control App is your information and control center. With this application you can, for example, select your water scene for the water softening units of the i-soft series. Or you can adjust the settings of the leakage protection.

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Samtweiches Wasser zum Duschen

Water of your dreams for a shower?

Energiekosten sparen

Totally softened water for heating?

Garten bewässern ohne Enthärtung

Watering the garden, without softening?

WunschWasser per Fingertipp einstellen

Just a tap is enough.

Making water a comfort zone comes true.

Fully automatic softening units of the JUDO i-soft series make it possible. Set your desired water hardness spontaneously, depending on the situation. The JU-Control App offers you various scenarios for this purpose, which you can easily select. JUDO i-soft is unique worldwide and only available from JUDO.

JU-Control App Screen

Always up to date

With the JU-Control App, you are informed about all important data. Whether system settings, maintenance dates or consumption data in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly views. You can inform yourself about all important operating states and call up relevant data at any time. Very simple, intuitive and convenient. For example, you are always well informed when salt needs to be topped up in your softening unit.

JU-Control App Screen

Whether one system or several – you only need one app.

You own several JUDO products that you would like to control via the JU-Control App? For example as a landlady with various properties? The individual devices can be easily integrated into the App. The interface can be adapted so that you have an overview of all devices and can select them directly.

JU-Control App Screen

Two heads are better than one.
Integrate additional users.

If you operate several JUDO devices in different properties, you do not have to take care of them all by yourself. You can easily integrate additional users and give them access to the devices. Of course you can still keep an eye on everything yourself.

JU-Control App Screen

Device status at a glance:
Live view.

Good to know – in Live View mode you can see all important operating data for each device at a glance.

JU-Control Screen

Never forget a backwash again – thanks to the call function.

Manual JUDO backwash protective filters and domestic water filtration stations (bacteria protection and LF class) up to connection size 2″ are now equipped with a QR code. If you scan this code with the app, you will be automatically reminded of their backwashing due date.

JU-Control Screen
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