Modern heating systems work with increasingly improved degrees of effectiveness. However, the new systems are also more and more sensitive when it comes to the quality of the water circulating in the system. Magnetic particles, for instance, are a major problem for heating systems.

In particular, high-efficiency pumps, for the construction of which permanent magnets are used, attract magnetite sludge and magnetic shavings.

The JUDO MAFI Magnetite Filter removes particles by means of an optimised separation process – an efficient combination of centrifugal separation and the power of three high-performance magnets. In this way, magnetic and non-magnetic particles are reliably separated – and heating systems are protected in the best possible way.



  • For use in heating systems up to a water temperature of 90 °C (194 °F).
  • Water pressure between 22 – 87 psi.
  • Styrofoam shell covering for insulation.
  • A patented quick-mount device for easy installation in both horizontal and vertical flow directions.
  • Threaded connection according to ASME/ANSI B1.20.1.
  • No filter to replace
  • Equipped with an automatic air venting device.
  • Casing in high-grade, heat-resistant PVC.



8060083JMFI 3/4"
8060084JMFI 1"
8060085JMFI 1 1/4"
8060086JMFI 1 1/2"



Centrifugal separation
The inside of the filter is equipped with a sophisticated and flow-optimised insert setting the water in rotation. Like in a centrifuge, the dirt particles are outwardly discharged and sink to the bottom of the housing on the inner wall. In the lower area, the particles accumulate and can simply be rinsed. Due to well-conceived fluid mechanics, the differential pressure continuously remains low – even when larger amounts of dirt have already been separated.

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