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Our water supply companies supply drinking water of the best quality. However: before this water fills your glasses, cups and pots, it has come a long way. It flowed through kilometers of pipelines. And often also through an old filter in the basement.

Drinking water filters are installed to protect your home plumbing from foreign particles, rust formation and, ultimately, from contamination by bacteria. If the filter is old and poorly maintained, it has the opposite effect: it becomes a threat to the hygiene of your drinking water.

Protective backwash sediment filters?

Or dirt filter?

In many countries , the installation of a protective filter at the entrance of buildings and houses is mandatory and required by sanitary regulations. The standards even provide precise information on inspection and maintenance: An interval of six months applies.

Only: there is no control instance. The house owner himself must ensure that the drinking water protection filter is in perfect condition. Reality speaks a completely different language: In many houses the protective filters are badly maintained or are missing completely.

How does your supply line look?

Don’t you have a protective filter?

Act now and protect your drinking water installation from further damage!

A protective backwash sediment filter is an indispensable part of a hygienic drinking water installation. It has the task of removing rust, dirt and sand particles from the drinking water.

On the one hand, these particles can lead to corrosion in pipes and equipment. The result is irregular surfaces that can be easily colonized by germs. On the other hand, microorganisms can even adhere and be transported thoses particles. The filter is therefore an important entry barrier. Even if it cannot stop the microorganisms themselves, it still removes the organic nutrients and the colonisation areas.


A drinking water filter protects against:


Entry of dirt particles that impair the function of taps, among other things
Pitting corrosion in unprotected pipes
Damage to devices that work with water.
Clogged aerators
Reduced water flow
Damage to water-bearing equipment

Required according to international standards!

Many international standards make the installation of a protective filter at the entrance of buildings and houses mandatory. In Germany for example, the norm DIN 1988-200 or in Spain the “Real Decreto” 865/2003. It must be a mechanical filter, installed immediately ater the water meter system. It must also be installed in all new constructions or remodeling, before the installation is fitted for the first time.

You have an unhygienic and unmaintained protection filter?

Your filter is alive?

If drinking water protection filters are installed, they are often not backwashed according to the regulations. Or, if they are screw-on filters, the filter element is usually replaced too seldom. Many house inhabitants would lose their thirst and appetite if they had first taken a look at their dirty filter.

To prevent hygiene problems, protective filters must be regularly inspected and maintained.

When did you last check your drinking water protection filter?


An unsanitary / not maintained protective filter leads to:

Bacterial Contamination
Pressure losses
Maintenance costs

Did you know?

DIN EN 806-5 regulates the frequency of inspection and maintenance under Appendix A, Table A 1: an interval of 6 months for backwashable and non-backwashable filters with a mesh size of 80 µm to 150 µm. Depending on the contamination of the drinking water with particles, e.g. if there is more dirt entering due to broken water pipes or new supply installations in the area, the intervals can also be shortened.

Obsolete and hygienically questionable filters should be replaced completely. In order to not to have to interrupt the water supply during maintenance work, it is advisable to install backwash filters or simultaniously operated parallel systems. Bypass lines are not permitted due to stagnation.

The Solution

A protective backwash filter from JUDO

Why do we have so much experience in the field of protective filters?
We invented them.

Filters remove dirt particles from the water and prevent corrosion and damaged fittings. Backwash Filters make it particularly easy for you: You do not have to laboriously replace the filter element when it is dirty. In addition, during backwashing you do not touch the parts of the protective filter that come into contact with the water, thus eliminating the hygiene risk that may be present when changing the filter. Instead, the filter insert is simply washed with clean water – this saves time and, in the long term, a lot of money. This principle is also a JUDO invention.

Filter cleaning: Point to point.

Because even the best idea can be improved, we have developed the “point rotation system” for backwashing. The screen is cleaned point by point with filtered water by three rotating jet nozzles. The water supply is not interrupted during the backwashing process.

Only at JUDO: The point rotation system
Backwashing was invented by JUDO. And perfected with the point rotation. The filter screen is cleaned by three rotating jet nozzles point by point at high pressure. In this way the filters of the germ protection class achieve an unrivalled cleaning performance. The sight glass is also cleaned during backwashing.
Because purity is the prerequisite for hygiene
In the stainless steel mesh screen insert, dirt is clearly visible and can be removed easily. This means that the conditions inside the filter bell are extremely unfavourable for microorganisms. And are the best conditions for lasting hygiene.
Corrosion protection: regulation is regulation
Standards such as DIN 1988-200 prescribe protective filters and require clean piping systems without corrosion particles. First, to protect human health. And second, to protect appliances, drinking water installations, sanitary fittings and water heaters from damage in the long term.


60 years of know-how - JUDO Filter technology.


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