JUDO PROFIMAT-AT (Automatic, time controlled) and JUDO PROFIMAT-ATP (Automatic, time and differential pressure controlled)

JUDO’s PROFI and PROFIMAT series were the first self-cleaning backwash point-of-entry water filtration systems of their kind to receive CSA and NSF 61 approval and certification for domestic potable water supplies in North America!
The PROFIMAT is available in with two different backwash operation systems Automatic Time Actuated (AT) or Automatic Time and Pressure Differential Actuated (ATP). Both versions allow water to flow and filter through a stainless steel sieve, which traps and retains course and fine grain particulates and physical impurities until the backwash is initiated. During backwash, there is NO interruption to the building’s water supply or to the filtration process due to the working p rincipals of the patented backwash point-rotation-system allowing water to be filtered even during a backwash cycle. The PROFIMAT is available in pipe sizes ranging from Âľ” to 8″.



  • For cold water applications up to a maximum water temperature of 30 °C (86 °F).
  • Max. flow rate 17.5 – 264 gpm (4 – 60 mÂł/h)
  • Water pressure between 22 – 145 psi (3” – 8”), 22 – 232 psi (¾” – 2½”).
  • No cartridge replacement necessary!
  • Upper housing made of high-grade polymer based materials and bottom housing made of high-grade cast-iron coated with Rilsan®.
  • Patented quick-mounting device for easy pipe installation.
    Vertical and horizontal pipe installation for sizes Âľ” – 2″;
    horizontal pipe only for sizes 2½” – 8″.
  • Backwash process using JUDO’s patented point-rotation-system without interruption to the water supply or filtration process.
  • Equipped with a clear sight-glass to view filtration, direct build-up and backwash functions.
  • Simultaneous cleaning of sight-glass during backwash process.
  • Threaded connection (Âľ” to 2″) according to ASME/ANSI B1.20.1.
    Flanged connection (3″ to 8″) according to ASME/ANSI B16.1.
  • Run backwash flush connection to nearest hub drain using an indirect connection.
  • Automatic backwash generated by a time actuated relay (AT, ATP)
    with adjustable range settings for 4 hours/8 hours/24 hours/weekly/monthly. Able to set range on 5″ – 8″ units from 1 hour – 2,000 hours.
  • Adjustable differential pressure control setting with M override button (ATP). For pipe sizes ¾” – 4” settings 0.9 – 9 psi;
    pipe sizes 5″ – 8″ settings 0 – 36 psi.
  • Electronic control with LED display indicators for operation, alarm fault buzzer and manual over-ride button for backwash start-up.
  • 3-prong duplex box outlet with GFI required for plug-in transformer.
  • Filtration through 100 micron stainless screen filter screen
    (also available in 30, 320 and 500 microns)

JPF-ATP 5″ – 8″:

  • Filter is equipped with two potential-free output dry contact remote transmissions for building automation systems.
    Maximum load current 1A; Maximum switching voltage 24 V.



8020218JPF-AT 3/4"
8020219JPF-AT 1"
8020268JPF-AT 1 1/4"
8020269JPF-AT 1 1/2"
8020270JPF-AT 2"
8025031JPF-AT 2 1/2"
8025032JPF-AT 3"
8025033JPF-AT 4"
8020220JPF-ATP 3/4"
8020221JPF-ATP 1"
8020273JPF-ATP 1 1/4"
8020243JPF-ATP 1 1/2"
8020274JPF-ATP 2"
8025029JPF-ATP 2 1/2"
8020210JPF-ATP 3"
8020211JPF-ATP 4"
8320016JPF-ATP 5"
8025025JPF-ATP 6"
8320015JPF-ATP 8"
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