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Documentation for operators

Certain obligations are associated with the operation of any drinking water installation – especially for “entrepreneurs or other owners of a water supply system” according to § 3 of the Drinking Water Ordinance. You are affected, for example, if you as a landlord supply water to consumers.

On the one hand, for us as a manufacturer it is a matter of  ensuting you are informed about the local obligations that a water treatment measure entails. On the other hand, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to inform consumers about the measures taken.

You can find the relevant documents in PDF format here.

Mineral dosage:
Document and inform.

If substances are added to drinking water for treatment, the operator must document this. Under § 16 (4), the Drinking Water Ordinance stipulates that the treatment substances used and their concentrations in the drinking water must be recorded in writing or in data form. The documents or data must be accessible to consumers for six months (e.g. in the form of a notice) or must be made available on request.

By the way: The fully automatic dosing pump JUDO i-dos saves you a lot of work when it comes to documentation. The system saves a history of the drinking water relevant parameters and outputs it as a PDF document via the USB interface. Simple, safe and without paperwork.

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