We must get rid of impurities

In new installations, it cannot be completely ruled out that dirt particles get into the heating system – for example due to material residues from production or contamination that occurs during installation.

However, various circumstances can also lead to contamination during operation.

One of the main causes: oxygen, which unintentionally enters the heating system with small amounts of air.

Oxygen is highly reactive and forms compounds with various materials from pipes and components. The best known of these oxidation reactions: rust. Another, a kind of preliminary stage to corrosion, is the formation of magnetite sludge. Although it is not dangerous for pipelines, it can nevertheless cause considerable damage in the heating system.

To operate a heating system safely and efficiently in the long term, it is essential to remove both from the heating water: solid particles, especially magnetite – and air.

Remove solid particles, especially magnetite and air from heating water.

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