New water quality.
Without refilling.

In new installations, it cannot be completely ruled out that dirt particles get into the heating system, for example due to material residues from production or impurities that occur during installation.

However, various circumstances can also lead to contamination during operation of a system. In some cases, it is necessary to treat the heating water – for example, after replacing the boiler or if the water quality requirements change. Ideally, inline treatment takes place without interrupting operation.

If faults occur in a customer’s heating system, quick solutions are required. It’s good when you have the right tools at hand. For example, a treatment system that is quickly packed and ready for operation in no time at all.

In addition, solutions for permanent installation are required that ensure smooth operation of the heating system from the very beginning. For example, efficient heating filters.

Inline water treatment

without refilling

Intended use

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