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As experts in water treatment, we offer a very comprehensive range of products. Even when it comes to the treatment of boiler, air-conditioning and cooling water. From corrosion protection to hardness stabilization to combating microbiological growth – with JUDO’s solutions you will find the right solution for every requirement.

Boiler water treatment:

Conditioning instead of redevelopment

Active substances in boiler water are mainly used for corrosion protection. JUDO offers a wide range of specific products – depending on whether a closed heating system or a steam generator is to be conditioned. It is also decisive whether a low-salt or salt-containing mode of operation has been selected on the operating side.

Most important: the qualified advice of a specialist. And that too comes from JUDO – personally, comprehensively and with the know-how of over 80 successful years in the industry.

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For a healthy


On the one hand, the treatment of air-conditioning and cooling water involves the protection of systems and components. However, aspects of hygiene are at least as important. Recently, there have been repeated outbreaks of legionella caused by contaminated aerosols from open cooling towers.

Plant protection and health protection – for these requirements JUDO offers a comprehensive range of chemicals. For corrosion protection, hardness stabilisation or to combat microbiological growth.

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