Water softening intelligent and fully automatic.
Exclusive from JUDO.

An increased content of calcium and magnesium can lead to stubborn deposits and encrustations in pipes, fittings and appliances. Especially when the water is heated, even low hardness levels can cause problematic deposits. This leads to increased energy consumption and thus to rising costs. Lime deposits also favour the colonisation by bacteria. Another important factor is the comfort: hard water increases the amount of cleaning products required and makes showering and bathing less pleasurable.

Softening units from JUDO solve all problems caused by hard water. And even more: They open up a completely new comfort experience. From skin care to soft laundry and the best coffee and tea taste.

JUDO PREMIUM-LINE systems for domestic water technology even define soft water in a completely new way: they allow their owners to individually adjust the water quality for every situation and every need. At the touch of a fingertip – with the new JU-Control App.

Making water a comfort zone. Worldwide unique and exclusive from JUDO.

Making water a comfort zone against stubborn deposits and encrustations in pipe systems.

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