Backwash protective sediment filter

With silver coated, stainless steel filter screen
and high-efficiency point rotation system.

For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure range 1.5 – 10 bar
(JPF DN 65: 1.5 – 16 bar)


  • Quality assured

    made in Germany

  • Reliable protection

    against particle inflow

  • Economical

    no expensive and complicated cartridge changes

  • Uncomplicated

    ease of backwashing

  • Efficient

    effective backwash thanks to point rotation system

  • Practical

    no interruption to the water supply during backwash

  • Low impact

    no waste cartridges and low water consumption thanks to an effective backwash

Scope of delivery:

Filter base made of cast iron, PVC coated for corrosion protection, PN 10 (DN 65 = PN 16). Flange connection to EN 1092-2; silver-plated filter screen made of stainless steel; backwashing using handwheel with the proven point rotation system offering optimal bacterial growth protection and cleaning of filter bell, fitted with two manometer connections.


* Flow rate for drinking water with cleaned screen at 0.5 bar pressure loss. Lower flow should be assumed for service water and heavily contaminated water. Professional advice required!

Order number


8010215JPF DN 65 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8010216JPF DN 80 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8010217JPF DN 100 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8290025JPF DN 125 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8290026JPF DN 150 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8290027JPF DN 200 100 µm (0.10 mm)
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