JUL-Mineral tablets

JUL-W-T Mineral tablets for the production of JUL mineral solution for the inhibition of water and electro-chemical based corrosion

Field of application: Primarily as corrosion protection for galvanised pipes and copper pipes (professional advice required) in the hardness range 1 + 2 as well as based on softener units.

Dosage: approx. 75 – 125 ml/m┬│

Scope of delivery:

Available in cardboard tubes for the production of JUL mineral solution in container sizes 3, 6 and 25 litres.


JUDO JUL-mineral tablets are not suitable for JUDO i-dos dosing pumps.

Order number


8600018JUL-W-T for 6 litre
8600011JUL-W-T for 25 litre


JUDO Dissolving device for the preparation of the mineral solution
Order number 8130100

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