Space-saving. Smart. Flexible.

The innovation of softening

Experience the best on the water softening market with the i-soft PRO. With the new softener, you not only get the soft water you want, but also a device in which intuitive operation, functionality and design merge into one. In short: the future of water softening.

The JUDO i-soft PRO is a compact, floor-standing softener with a specially developed user experience. It underlines the high value, emphasises the innovative user guidance and reflects the special product quality.

Intelligent, interactive and resource-saving

In addition to the high-quality design, the softener offers even more individually adjustable parameters and thus a maximum of comfort in everyday life - for example, through the self-expandable desired water scenes. The softener is designed in such a way that interaction between the user and the system is child's play. It also offers optimum protection thanks to leakage protection with micro-leakage detection. In addition, the i-soft PRO also independently detects consumption habits and makes appropriate adjustments. The next step towards artificial intelligence. Convince yourself of the high economic efficiency in terms of regeneration agent, water and energy consumption. The softening system is suitable for up to 5 residential units.

The highlights at a glance

Individually adjustable
Desired water scenes


Worldwide controllable via app,
Web browser and API

i-salt management

MSID - Mega Status Indication Display

with Wake-Up Sensor

KI inclusive

Floor-standing, Elegant, Flexible

i-soft K

Maximum comfort in the smallest space

The fully automatic i-soft K  offers a compact, attractive design, 24-hour soft water and a multitude of technical advantages - a safety module to safeguard operation in the event of a power failure.

The proven JUDO technology is installed here in a small space. The units therefore not only offer an attractive design, but also, among other things, 24 hours of water on demand.


The SOFTwell KP is just as compact and convinces with soft water around the clock.

Via the connectivity module (optionally available for the SOFTwell KP), the systems can be connected to the internet via WLAN or LAN and controlled worldwide via app or web browser. Connection via an API (Application Programming Interface) is also possible. This allows the softeners to be integrated into a local smart home system. All system functions can be controlled easily and conveniently via the keyboard. The menu structure is clear and self-explanatory. Particularly practical and only available from JUDO is the signal display, which ensures optimum readability in both systems. It uses different background colours to show from a distance which operating status the unit is currently in.

Advantages of floor-standing water softeners

Networked always and everywhere

Enjoy smart solutions for your intelligent home with JUDO. All WLAN-enabled JUDO products now have an API (Application Programming Interface).

This allows them to be integrated into a local smart home system. The softener series i-soft, the micro leakage protection systems ZEWA i-SAFE FILT, ZEWA i-SAFE and the domestic water station with micro leakage protection system PROM-i-SAFE as well as the dosing system i-dos eco can be integrated into an existing WLAN network in just a few steps without any additional cables and controlled remotely with the JU-Control App. For the devices of the SOFTwell series, the softening systems for building services (i-soft TGA, SOFTwell MEGA) and the intelligent filling system i-fill, the connectivity module can be purchased as an accessory. For example, you can find out about relevant operating statuses and retrieve system data. Read messages from your units about important events - as push messages, e-mail or SMS. Or control selected JUDO systems simply by voice command.

For example, find out about relevant operating states and retrieve system data. Read messages from your devices about important events - as push messages, e-mail or SMS. Or control selected JUDO systems simply by voice command.

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You can recognise all WLAN-capable systems by this symbol:

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The name says it all.

Control your network-compatible JUDO units whenever and wherever you want. Find out about all important operating statuses and retrieve relevant data. Read messages from your devices about important events - as a push message, e-mail or SMS.

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JU-Control - ob eine Anlage oder mehrere, Sie brauchen nur eine App

Intelligent communication via Alexa

One in two users already controls their Smart Home by voice command.* This is also possible with the i-soft, i-soft K SAFE+, i-soft SAFE+ and i-soft PRO water softeners. For example, you can simply set a desired water scene with your voice, open and close the leakage protection or retrieve important data by voice command. All without having to go to the unit.

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