Drinking water is subject to strict controls, but not always tailored to your needs.

Water is our most important asset. We drink it and we cook, we shower and clean with it. Not surprisingly that it is strictly legislated and monitored: water is our most controlled foodstuff.

Our water supply meets the highest standards and is subject to strict controls.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a closer look. Because:

Schmutz aus einer Trinkwasserleitung an einem Perlator

Dirt from a drinking water pipe on an aerator

Between the treatment plant and your tap there may be many kilometres of pipes, often decades old, probably made of various combinations of materials. This releases scale, sand and metal particles enter the water.

Verkalkte Trinkwasserleitung

Calcified drinking water pipe

Your water may not be good for your domestic installation and appliances. Especially in regions with very hard water, there are often problems.

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Why do we have so much experience in the field of protective backwash filters?

We invented them!

A powerful protective backwash filter provides the basis for most water treatment solutions. Because even with the greatest care, it is impossible to prevent small impurities from reaching your home’s water pipes: suspended particles, metal chips and oxides, residues of sealing material. These particles can damage fittings and cause seals to wear. If these particles settle in the pipes, they can cause so-called spot corrosion. The consequence: pitting.

Filters remove dirt particles from the water and prevent corrosion and damaged fittings. Backwash protective filters make it particularly easy: Their filter element does not have to be laboriously replaced when it is dirty. Instead, it is easily washed with clean water – this saves time and, in the long term, a lot of money. This principle is also a JUDO invention.

Nowhere is it easier to relax than in the bathroom.

Especially if you don’t have to clean it that often.

Water naturally contains lime. In some regions, the lime content in the water is high or even very high – what is called “hard water”.

Lime is visible as white deposits in your shower or in your water heater. In the same way, lime is also deposited inside pipes and installations. This leads to higher energy consumption and therefore higher costs.

A softening system from JUDO provides a remedy. And it can do even more.

Limescale protection - natural and completely without additives

Lime can be removed or stabilized.

We have already described the unpleasant consequences that hard, i.e. very calcareous water can have. If too much lime is dissolved in the water, it should be removed.

But there is another kind of lime protection. It consists of leaving the lime in the water – but making sure that it cannot settle.

JUDO’s alternative limescale protection systems achieve this with the help of a special process in which only electricity is required for hardness stabilisation – no salt and no resin tanks. In this process, the tiny lime particles are bound to form larger particles that can no longer settle on pipelines.

JUDO’s alternative limescale protection systems protect your installations and equipment, avoiding annoyances and additional costs.

Health protection also for your home’s arteries.

Some things are best enjoyed neat. Without additives. Natural drinking water enjoyment.

Water does not only consist of H₂O. Our drinking water contains many natural substances, such as sulphates and chlorides, but also carbon dioxide and oxygen. Depending on the hardness and pH-value of the water and on the material used for your pipes, different substances have a corrosive effect. In other words: they lead to rust. Foreign particles that have been washed into the water promote the formation of rust, as do installations made of different materials and low water movement in ramified piping systems.

Corrosion in your installation and in equipment, such as your water heater, cannot only affect your health – it can also cost you money.

It is not without reason that corrosion protection has a high priority in laws, regulations and standards: relevant hygiene guidelines require clean piping systems without corrosion particles.

Flood in the living room.

A hole in the family budget.

Water damage always comes as a surprise. Because signs of wear and tear on your piping system are invisible: pitting, corrosion or frost can damage on the pipes unnoticed. It is also relatively common for unsuitable materials to be installed together or for the composition of the water to favour rapid wear. These problems only become visible when it is too late – and the apartment is under water. The costs resulting from water damage are difficult to estimate. By the way, did you know: Your insurance company will most likely not pay a cent for water damage if you are away from home for more than 72 hours and have not turned off the water.

Enjoy unrestricted warmth

With us you won’t get cold feet even in winter. When keeping your heating system protected

If the temperatures drop in autumn, we simply turn on the heating inside and enjoy the cosy warmth. Heating water plays an important role in this case. However, if its condition is unfavourable, the heating system may have problems. For example, if there is air, mud, sand or rust particles in the heating circuit, heating costs can quickly increase, radiators start gurgling or the boiler can even be damaged. With our heating protection products, you are on the safe side.

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