Water Softening unit

Protects from scale deposits and
offers water comfort.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in horizontally
and vertically running pipes possible.

For drinking water up to 30 ┬░C
Operating pressure range 2 – 7 bar


  • Softened water round the clock.

    Dual chamber softening in parallel

  • Optimal unit hygiene,

    stagnation-free, forced flow, automatic disinfection

  • Signal-display

  • Siphon inclusive

  • Scope of delivery:

    System consisting of a parallel water manifold for three softener modules, including bypass valves, flexible DVGW-tested connection hoses, built-in rotary flange with brass bayonet connection with screw connections and mounting cover; including siphons for standard-compliant connection to the waste water system according to DIN EN 1717 and DIN 1988-100 as well as a hardness measuring set; plug-in power supply units 230 V/50 Hz. Softener module consisting of: glass-fibre reinforced tanks (PN 10) filled with food-grade ion exchange resin for optimum water distribution and minimisation of pressure loss and regeneration agent expenditure; with quantity-dependent control; wear-free ceramic disc technology, tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times, for lifelong programmed operating sequences; control electronics with foil keyboard and multiline Control electronics with foil keyboard and multi-line LCD display for operation, regeneration and salt shortage; coloured status light display (signal display); additional manual regeneration triggering and potential-free fault signal; forced regeneration after 72 hours at the latest and system hygienisation by means of built-in disinfection device with platinised titanium electrodes; integrated salt dissolving and storage tank with continuous brine supply and integrated level monitoring and softclose lid; connection to the main unit is uncomplicated with lance technology.

    Order number


    8204021SOFTwell KP MEGA 6


    JUDO regenerating salt in tablet form.
    According to DIN EN 973, 25 kg each.


    JUDO cable
    For external fault signal, length 10 meters.
    Order number: 2200717

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