JUDO Bioquell®-Soft 15-40

Fully automatic water softening unit

Protects from scale deposits and
offers water comfort.

For drinking water up to 40 °C
Operating pressure range 1.5 – 8 bar


  • Removes annoying scale build up

  • Automatic, flow controlled regeneration

  • Large opening for salt filling

  • Low salt consumption

  • SOFT models 15-40 fit under kitchen counter

Scope of delivery:

Casing with integrated fibreglass-reinforced container filled with monospheric ion exchange resin in food quality for optimal water distribution and reduction of pressure loss and regeneration agent use. Integrated salt and brine container with ongoing brine production, for use with block and tablet salt. Integrated blending valve. Electronic control unit with keyboard and LED-display for operation, regeneration, holiday mode, status monitoring and manual backwash start-up. Automatic regeneration when in operation for at least 96 hours. Removable covers for easy maintenance.

Order number


8200375Bioquell®-SOFT 15
8200377Bioquell®-SOFT 40


JUDO regenerating salt in tablet form.
According to DIN EN 973, 25 kg each.


Bioquell disinfection device
Based on the NaCl eletrolysis process, for Bioquell® SOFT softeners
Order number 2202018

Bypass valve
For the installation between pipe connector and Bioquell® SOFT/CLEAR
Order number 2202015

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