Automatic backwash protective sediment filter (time and differential pressure controlled)

With silver coated, stainless steel filter screen
and high-efficiency point rotation system.

Thanks to JUDO QUICKSET-E, installation in
horizontally and vertically running pipes possible.

For drinking water up to 30 °C
Operating pressure range 1.5 – 16 bar


  • Quality assured

    made in Germany

  • Reliable protection

    against particle inflow

  • Economical

    no expensive and complicated cartridge changes

  • Backwashes automatically

    with timer and pressure differential control

  • Efficient

    effective backwash thanks to point rotation system

  • Practical

    no interruption to the water supply during backwash

  • Low impact

    no waste cartridges and low water consumption thanks to an effective backwash

Scope of delivery:

Filter housing made of high-quality plastic PN 16; built-in rotary flange with patented bayonet connection made of brass with screw, threaded connector in accordance with EN 10226-1; horizontal and vertical installation is possible; silver-plated filter screen made of stainless steel; automatic time-controlled as well as differential pressure-dependent triggering of backwashing through pressure switch (adjustable differential pressure up to max. 1 bar), manual triggering through button is also possible. With servomotor, electronic controller with function and fault display (light diode and buzzer), backwashing based on point rotation system with simultaneous cleaning of the inspection bell, including plug-in power supply.

ATP control: as per type AT with additional differential pressure control for backwash start-up (differential adjustable up to 1 bar).


Flow rate for drinking water with cleaned screen at 0.5 bar pressure loss. Lower flow should be assumed for service water and heavily contaminated water. Professional advice required!

Order number


8020107JPF+ -ATP ¾" 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8020108JPF+ -ATP 1" 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8020109JPF+ -ATP 1¼" 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8020069JPF+ -ATP 1½" 100 µm (0.10 mm)
8020073JPF+ -ATP 2" 100 µm (0.10 mm)
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